Stripes 2: Slivers

In-Person Reception by Appointment: Saturday, December 19th, 3:00 - 5:00 PM PST, groups of no more than seven individuals at a time.

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Virtual Opening Reception:  December 19th from 5-7pm via Zoom, Instagram live and Youtube. Join via Zoom with this link:

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For Slivers, artists created ultra skinny works no wider than 4in that will be grouped with other artists into a multi panel striped image.

Participating artists: 

Pamela Mower-Conner, Vian Borchert, S. P. Harper, Sally Patrone, Richard S. Chow, Paula Craioveanu, Johnny Naked, Peg Grady, Ellen Frances Tuchman, Sophia Lee, Stefanie Girard, Marsha Borden, Tony Gangitano, Gabriel Antonio Palma, Judy Chia Hui Hsu, Zo Frampton, Veronica Farren, Dwora Fried, Denis Geary Lopez, Mimi Herrera-Pease, Kathryn & RD Wakeman, Monica Tiulescu, Vicky Hoffman, Lucie Hinden, Emma Knight, George Stein, and Tara de la Garza.